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The task of maintaining healthy hot tub is a large endeavor. Even if your hot tub is not used often, poor water chemistry will eventually ruin your hot tub and the equipment you use to maintain it. It is especially important to hire a service company that is not only technically adept with water chemistry, but is also extremely dependable. That company is Deep Creek Property Services, LLC! Our hot tub service keeps your hot tub beautiful, your water properly balanced and extends the life of your equipment.

As a bonus we do our best to keep an eye on your property when you are away and notify you of any things that may need attention (windows left open, broken sprinkler heads, etc.).

Also worth mentioning - Deep Creek Property Services carries liability insurance, which provides additional security for you.
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Deep Creek Property Service provides you
with the care your hot tub needs year-round
and between renters.

The hot tub services you can expect from us include:

  • Test and balance your water chemistry

  • Clean water of debris

  • Vacuum hot tub as needed

  • Monitor your water level

  • Scrub the hot tub walls when needed

  • Clean filter as needed

  • Perform all other necessary actions to ensure you have healthy water

  • Complete drain & fills when needed - either via your water supply or our water truck used as necessary - additional charges will apply.

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